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So… here it is: my first blog post!

I never thought I’d start a blog because, well, I never knew what to write about.

“Do I just write what’s on my mind?”
“What about my new jam of the week I’m currently obsessing over? Which is probably Sufjan Stevens?”
“Or how adorable my dogs are?”

It’s endless—but I’ve finally decided.

After starting my own business, there’s been a plethora of successes and failures I’ve endured. They have all taught me something and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in hopes to help you succeed as well. Grab a cuppa, I’ll explain.

Sudden Coffee Break | Amy Shamblen x Sudden Coffee content creation


A lil’ bit about me.

My name is Amy Shamblen and I’m a graphic designer-turned-photographer. It was such a natural progression. I started posting images to Instagram to market myself. But I didn’t want to use dull, lifeless stock photos or to merely post design work because does anyone actually want to see a corporate brochure design? Nah, I’m much too stubborn for that. I wanted to engage with people and build a community in a fun, authentic way. I had a photography studio in my spare room (with pretty inadequate equipment), a DSLR, and some good ol’ passion. And that was that.

Naturally, I was surprised when brands started reaching out to me. Being the adventurous spirit I am, I went with it. I didn’t expect that to happen, nor did I expect other creatives to come to me for advice. I’ve received many questions ranging from business topics to how I find inspiration, and I love it. I wanted a way I could answer them all in one place—which is why I’m starting this blog.


What about design?

I still love design, especially typography. I even started a mini store and can’t wait to add to it in the future. Design and photography pair so seamlessly together, I don’t feel I would have been anywhere as successful without my background in design. I’m not just a designer, or just a photographer—I’m a content creator who appreciates and understands good aesthetics. Creativity doesn’t come “out of the air,” you train your brain to think a certain way. Have you ever seen an ad and thought, “wow, this is a disaster” or felt disgusted as if you’re just another plain consumer being sold to? Yeah, I’m going to teach you how NOT to do that.

Hiding from Monday | Amy Shamblen


So, what’s this blog all about then?

Here, you will find all topics of design and photography tips ranging from technical stuff such as lighting or marketing yourself, to more fun topics like where I find my inspiration. You will learn how to market yourself and define your brand so you stand out from all the noise.

Whatever the topic, I’d love for you to engage. You can ask me questions. You can suggest topics. Or you can even even talk about how cute your dog is (which is always welcome). Nothing brings me more joy than helping others—and I want you to know I’m always here for ya.

Thanks for tagging along, I hope you enjoy it!

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